Decoration Solutions & Applications

JANMART DECOR is a manufacturer and exporter of various beautiful art and decorations for interior design & outdoor art projects, offers a wide range of décor products for various decorations applications and solutions, from indoor to outdoor, from your room corner small décor craft to all lighting decoration. As one of the holiday decorations wholesale suppliers, we are constantly developing new products and improving them to meet the needs of our customers. We customize products according to customers' requirements and keep customers' products confidential. We have more than 20 years of export experience, providing one-stop service for production and export logistics. We have experience in serving different kinds of customers, among which are big supermarket buyers, engineers, wholesalers, electricians... with perfect pre-sales and after-sales service for engineering projects.

JANMART DECOR Decoration Items For Different Solutions


Room decor we offer includes table lamp, ambient lighting, wall light, wall decor, small ornaments, decor craft, storage, ect... Different rooms have different functions and needs, you can choose the product accordingly, to do the perfect decoration.
Interior & Outdoor Decoration

Seasonal Décor

Create a festive atmosphere! Decorate your home with our range of holiday decorations. We offer a wide selection of holiday decorations, including candle holders, tea candles, stationery and gift wrap, to help you create a more festive home.
Seasonal Décor Home Decoration

Personalized Gifts

With the continuous development of social information, human beings now have a huge change in the concept of consumption. Personalized gifts gradually as a large market, we provide different holiday needs of creative, personalized gifts for you to choose.
Personalized Home Decoration Gifts
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