Decorative Light Bulbs

Decorative Light Bulbs

Decorative Light Bulbs Wholesale Supplier

Decorative Light Bulbs are already well-known products for exporting at Janmart Decor.

Janmart Decor provides not only daily incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, But also many different styles of creative bulbs.

Customize Light Bulbs to fit your lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor decorations, home decor, garden decor, street decor, event and building decor, etc. Order with competitive wholesale price.

* Differnet Types of Decorative Light Bulbs Wholesale *

LED Flame Lamp Bulb Sale
Led flame lamp bulb gravity sensor led flame bulb for bar holiday decoration.
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Outdoor Lights Bulb Sale
Outdoor lights bulb connectable vintage ball string lights.
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* Meet Your Decorative Light Bulbs Demands *

Good Quality of Light Bulbs
Good Quality of Light Bulbs
Decorative Light Bulbs
Good Quality

Long operation life, energy saving, cyclic utilization, easy to install.

Multi Function of Light Bulbs
Decorative Light Bulbs
Multi Function

With mobile app control group control.

Multi Function of Light Bulbs

* FAQs of Decorative Light Bulbs From JANMART DECOR *

Why use Led light?

It is efficient and saves energy, it saved energy 60%-80% than the traditional one.

The life is longer than the traditional ones.

Where can use the led light?

There is multiple application, including residential lighting, office lighting, hotel bar, Spa, bathroom, Garden…

All light holder for led, halogen, incandescent bulb?

Yes, the holder is available for all builds, but need to check the output voltage of the original transformer before placing it.

Can be with remote control?

Yes, please request us with remote control, we will refer the right product to you.

How to choose the luminosity of the bulb?

Choose according to the specific situation, the greater the volta, the stronger the luminosity.

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