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JANMART DECOR provides you with storage and organization solutions for home decoration to free up space, welcome to find the fun of storage together.

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Toy Storage

Toys all over the floor, if not put them away, not only affect the mood, there will be a variety of unintended dangers.

Kitchen Storage

Good kitchen storage, space is several times larger.

Clothes Storage

Clothes storage tools, you can perfectly save your beautiful clothes.

* Storage & Organization Buying Guide *

How To Choose Your Own Storage & Organization

Let the person who knows the least about storage decide where to put things.

The embarrassing thing about storage is that the items you have taken the trouble to tidy up are messy again after your family members have gone through them. If you want to avoid such a situation, you should let the people who know the least about storage at home decide the location of the items.

Everyone's habits are different, their height is different, their visual height is different, and the most convenient way of storage is very different. Let the person who does not know how to organize confirm the location of items according to their own preferences, and let the person who can organize assist by reminding specific storage techniques and agreeing with the family that items must be put back to their original place after use so that you do not have to worry about not being able to find the items you need.


Centralized storage

Centralized storage of items mainly refers to placing items needed for a series of behavioral actions and similar items together, for example, all cosmetics are stored on a dressing table.


For items that are easily confused, text labels are clearer.


Can stand up and put never stacked

To increase the storage space at home, in addition to the use of storage artifacts, standing up and putting storage can also greatly increase storage space.

For example, the kitchen, stand-up partition storage. You can also allocate them according to the frequency of use: put the ones that are used frequently at a height that is easy to reach, and put the ones that are rarely used on the top cabinet.

Storage is not to add pressure to life.

It is to make your life more comfortable.

Storage & Organization Buying Guide
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