Wholesale Decorative Items For Bathroom

Bathroom is a place to release the stress of the day's work, the decoration is small and fine. Janmart Decor prepared for everyone, wall decorative mosaic, bathroom mirror, and a variety of storage baskets, bags, etc.

Wholesale Decorative Items For Bathroom

JANMART DECOR's Mosaic Tiles for Bathroom

From ancient times to the present, mosaic in different times can play its unique charm, especially in the design of the bathroom space can be created with a unique personality of the decorative effect. For the bathroom space decoration design, mosaic is an indispensable decorative element. Mosaic is not only used in the bathroom space walls and floors.

JANMART DECOR's Mirror for Bathroom

In the Bathroom mirror is an indispensable requirement, usually the mirror function is to provide people with washing and makeup use. Nowadays, mirrors are also an indispensable part of the decoration, and there are more functions in the mirror to show, can light up and see the mirror surface to display the time, weather, temperature and other functions, you will be tempted?

JANMART DECOR's Storage Basket for Bathroom

Storage basket house Bathroom, allows us to put dirty clothes, dirty towels, easy to categorize and wash. Help us to orderly categorization, and not temporary use of space, many Storage basket shapes and colors are beautiful, is also a corner of the decorative landscape.

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