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Light Decorations & Ornaments

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Decorative lighting surrounds our lives. In holidays, outdoor and indoor decorative lighting provides a relevant holiday atmosphere. Usually home decoration, lighting is also indispensable. You can choose from color, brightness, and style to match, which will always let you Find what you want. Janmar Decor Collect most of lightings for you!

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Begin your home improvement journey. Discovery chandeliers, led lights, ambient lights, wall lamps, linear lighting, and more.


Enhance your home's décor, light up the garden, pool, and patio into the perfect spot for relaxation or entertainment. Waterproof, security, colorful…that is a necessary element.


Festival: Holiday lights are the magic tool to open the festival. Shape, creativity, and color are all the advantages of holiday lighting.

* Lighting Decoration Buying Guide *

How To Choose Your Own Lighting Decoration

Whenever we enter the lighting store, we must be very excited. Various shapes, colors, and materials appear in front of us, and then we have difficulty choosing. We have to make clear what kind of lamps we need in our home, that is, first choose the style of lamps we like and available.

For example, what kind of effect to achieve, whether to meet the basic lighting, highlighting, or create an atmosphere, can be considered from the color temperature, illuminance, color rendering, beam angle, and glare value.


The practicality and decoration of lighting. As for public buildings, indoor lighting is practical and decorative. How to deal with the relationship between the two can play a multiplier role in interior decoration.


Practicability of the lamps-it can ensure the indoor lighting use, ensure the hygienic use of light, protect the eyes, protect the eyesight, and the light color has no abnormal psychological or physiological reactions. The lamps are firm, and the line safety switch is flexible. In a sense, the decoration of lamps is also practical, otherwise, the problem of decoration will be out of the question.


The decoration of lamps and lanterns-one is ornamental, the lamp material is beautiful, the shape is unique, the color is novel and beautiful, and the other is the coordination. The form of the lamp has been carefully designed to coordinate with the room decoration and complement the furnishings. The material shape of the lamp is consistent with the shape and material of the furniture, which can reflect the owner's artistic conception. The third is to highlight individuality. The color of the light source creates a certain atmosphere according to people's needs, such as warmth, calm, comfort, quietness, and peace. When choosing, consider the characteristics of different personnel, different uses, and interior decoration requirements.

Lighting Decoration Buying Guide
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