Wall Art Decoration

Wall Art Decoration

Wall Art Decoration

Wall Decoration Wholesale Supplier

JANMART DÉCOR , as a wall decoration manufacturer, offers Various wall art products, including mural mosaic art- all hand made product, elegant style.

BACK SPLASH MOSAIC TILE- good product for decorating kitchen and bathroom. 

WALL ART PICTURE, WALL CLOCK, DÉCOR MIRROR, METAL WALL DÉCOR, are the most popular decorations object, and we have also for DIY PEEL AND STICK BACKSPLASH.

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* Wall Art Decoration Selection From JANMART DECOR *

  • Mosaic Tiles

    Mosaic Tiles

    Janmart Décor MOSAIC TILE combine with different material, glass, resin, marble, metal etc., presenting various art forms.
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    Wall Clocks

    Wall Clocks

    Janmart Décor meets any of your wall clock needs with our various clocks.
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  • Mosaic Mural

    Mosaic Mural

    JANMART DECOR can provide mosaic murals in a variety of themes, such as people themes, landscape themes, and even your own photos can be used as the theme.
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    Wall Art Picture

    Wall Art Picture

    Janmart décor Wall Art Picture are widely used in tooling, home improvement and other occasions.
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    We offer a variety of wall mirrors for you to choose from, including bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors, vanity mirrors and more.
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  • Metal Wall Decor

    Metal Wall Decor

    Creating a unique architectural style is inseparable from the decoration of the wall. Janmart Decor provides you with unique metal wall decoration to make the building more stylish.
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  • Peel And Stick Backsplash

    Peel And Stick Backsplash

    Janmart décor Peel and Stick Backsplash is made of eco-friendly materials, heat and moisture resistant, and easy to wipe to remove stains.
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* Choose Your Own Style of Wall Decoration *


Clean, crisp lines, simple color palette and use, simple lighting, and not a lot of confusion or accessories.


The traditional design style provides classic details, luxurious furniture and abundant accessories. It is rooted in European sensibility.


A simple mosaic cut painting with simple lines, no need for extra accessories, simple but elegant.

* Wall Art Decoration Buying Guide *

How To Choose Your Own Wall Art?
Wall Art Decoration Selection Step 1
Step 1

First confirm the wall to be decorated, bedroom, living room, bathroom, studio, dining room...

Wall Art Decoration Selection Step 2
Step 2

Match the wall decorations according to the style, color, and size of the furniture that has been equipped to ensure that the artwork you buy can match the existing style.

Wall Art Decoration Selection Step 3
Step 3

MOSAIC TILE, we suggest to use it for the decoration of single-sided walls, which can be a waist line in the shower room, the background wall of the living room, or the wall on the kitchen stove.

Wall Art Decoration Selection Step 4
Step 4

Mosaic Mural, can be placed at the end of the corridor or as an entry point, works of art can create an eye-catching viewing point. 

Wall Art Decoration Buying Guide
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