All You Need to Know about Mosaic Decor Tiles

Ceramic mosaic is a beloved art form in the decoration industry. However, if you really want to use it as your decorative material, you still need to have a certain understanding of its characteristics and features in order to better incorporate mosaic decorative tiles into your own decoration.

Familiarize yourself with the categories of mosaic decor tiles and do a good job of selecting matching tiles

Categories of mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles can roughly be divided into shell mosaic, ceramic mosaic, metal mosaic, etc. With the development of technology, various new materials and shapes of mosaic tiles have emerged, which better meet consumers' various home decoration needs.

Matching mosaic tiles

Mosaic decor tiles can be used for both partial decorative accents and large-scale tiling. Mosaic tiles with different characteristics can be flexibly matched for different spaces, creating endless decorative effects. It can be said that mosaic tiles are an interior decoration material that combines diversity, decorative appeal, and practicality.

Pay attention to the specifications of mosaic decorative tiles and calculate the price of mosaic tiles

Specifications of mosaic tiles

The usual specifications of mosaic tiles are 31cm×31cm or 30cm×30cm. Since it's difficult to cut individual mosaic tiles perfectly, only manufacturers can achieve that. Therefore, when designing the decoration, it is essential to consider the specifications of the mosaic tiles, try to conform to the material module, and avoid unnecessary cutting.

For example, when using mosaic tiles for a bathroom background wall, it can be designed as 60cm×60cm. By using four 30cm×30cm tiles, it can be completely laid without the need for cutting.

Price of mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles vary greatly in price. Traditional ceramic mosaic tiles are relatively cheaper, costing tens of yuan per square meter, making them suitable for large-scale tiling. On the other hand, glass mosaic tiles usually cost hundreds to thousands of yuan and are used more for decorative embellishment. Additionally, the level of complexity in the mosaic pattern is the main factor that affects the price.

Pay attention to the installation of mosaic decor tiles

Consider the construction thickness

Mosaic tiles vary in thickness, ranging from two millimeters to five millimeters. Some special materials of mosaic tiles can even reach one centimeter. Moreover, the thickness of mosaic tiles and ceramic tiles also differ. Therefore, in order to make the overall wall surface level, it is sometimes necessary to consider adding a leveling layer in thinner areas.

Maintain uniform construction joints

The spacing between mosaic tiles that are installed as a whole should be uniform. The size of the spacing should be equal to the original spacing between the individual small mosaic tiles. This way, the entire wall surface will look consistent without any indication that it is composed of larger mosaic tile pieces.

Control the construction pace

During the tiling process of mosaic decor tiles, phenomena such as slippage may occur. These situations are often caused by an inability to control the construction pace. A good approach is to wait until a batch of cement has slightly solidified before applying the next batch. This will result in a more ideal tiling effect.

Fill the joints with grout

Nowadays, grout is commonly used to fill the joints. Apply wet white cement, let it solidify as quickly as possible with dry cement, and finally clean it with a dry towel. This produces a more even and visually appealing mosaic wall, as construction joints are not visible. To ensure a professional and visually appealing mosaic wall, partnering with a reliable mosaic tiles decor and home accessories manufacturer can provide you with expert guidance on maintaining uniform construction joints, controlling the construction pace, and effectively filling the joints with grout for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.