Characteristics of Mosaic Ceramic Tile and Precautions for Using It to Decorate Your Home

With the increasing demand for decoration personality, a wide variety of decorative materials began to be widely used, mosaic is one of them. Mosaic is a decorative art, usually using many small stone porcelain or tinted glass pieces spell pattern, according to the most common mosaic can be divided into three categories: stone mosaic, glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic.

Mosaic as a decorative effect, is an ancient decorative art, has a long history, early European church window design is a form of mosaic, and modern mosaic is widely used in swimming pools, bars, kindergartens and other places, forming a colorful effect. And now, mosaic tiles decoration has entered the ordinary home decoration, especially in the bathroom, porch, TV walls and other parts of a wide range of applications.

Ⅰ. The advantages of decorative mosaic tiles

1. Decorative

Mosaic using a variety of materials or a variety of colors, styles for splicing, decorative effects change more, whether the pattern or level are colorful, according to different requirements to create a special atmosphere. Decorative with other materials for embellishment highlight, can also be used in large areas to produce mosaic walls and so on. In addition, due to its small patchwork way plasticity, can be suitable for a variety of curved, irregular areas and other various occasions.

2. Environmentally friendly green

Mosaic mostly processed from marble, porcelain, glass tiles, etc., non-toxic non-radiation, and home furnishing materials mostly contain harmful substances to form a sharp contrast.

3. Excellent quality

In addition to the previously mentioned environmentally friendly green, mosaic due to the many small pieces spliced together, there are a large number of gaps between the block and the block, high slip resistance, slip resistance coefficient of 0.80 or more on average, belonging to the very safe (0.50 to 0.79 for safety, 0.80 or more for very safe). In addition, the mosaic wear resistance, chemical stability and other more outstanding, durable.

4. The industry is mature: due to its long history of use, the mosaic market is more mature, the national standard or line standard also has its relevant regulatory requirements.

Ⅱ. The use of decorative mosaic tiles and buying tips

1. The mosaic is connected in two ways: paper connection and plastic mesh connection. Generally connected with paper for the glass through mosaic, individual ceramic mosaic, etc., the paper connection is paper attached to the front of the mosaic; plastic net connection for stone mosaic, crystal mosaic, ceramic mosaic, etc., the net connection is generally attached to the back of the mosaic.

2. Paper connected mosaic because the paper paste in the front of the mosaic, so paving first brush cement, then add caulking agent on the back of the paper plus glue paste mosaic, remove the paper and then hook caulking agent, and finally wipe clean to complete placement. Net connected mosaic due to the net paste in the back of the mosaic, construction directly brush cement, and then add glue paste mosaic hook caulking agent, that is, its net is finally still connected to the mosaic.

3. When buying a mosaic, you can put the Chenglian mosaic flat in a well-lit place, pay attention to observe the presence of cracking, rupture, glaze cracking and other phenomena, check for defects such as spots, blistering, cracks, lack of glaze.

4. For paper-connected mosaic, put its front side up, pinch one side with two hands to lift the two corners vertically, and then put flat, repeated several times to check whether the mosaic has fallen off. For plastic mesh connection, hang it vertically in the water for an hour or two, and then lift it again to check whether there is shedding.

5. For the kitchen and bathrooms and other places with high requirements for pollution resistance, in the purchase of decorative mosaic tiles used, it is best to take a few drops of ink, shampoo, soy sauce and other substances on the mosaic, after a few minutes wipe off to see if there is no penetration into the material, such as the surface is still shiny as a mirror indicates good pollution resistance.

6. Pay attention to observation when buying, some shells, marble, jade and other mosaics made of higher prices, some businesses have imitation of such mosaic products, to the second best.