Fast Developing New Trends in Hotel Interior Design

Stylish hotels have learned to adapt to the rapidly changing social demands by using creative and innovative designs. Today, wall decoration manufacturer Janmart Decoration introduces several new trends in hotel interior design from abroad.

The trends range from reflecting on the configuration of hotel rooms to maintain a highly personalized experience, to many hotel operators trying to transform hotels from simply a place to stay to a haven filled with highlights, and more.

The future lobby of hotel interior design: a multi-functional dynamic space

Many hotel lobbies have left a deep impression on guests. More and more social activities are taking place here, and the importance of the lobby entrance is becoming increasingly prominent.

To adapt to the new trend of business tourism, hotel lobbies have transformed into a multi-functional dynamic space. They can be used for formal business negotiations or casual conversations, and support a wide variety of devices in addition to laptops.

This means a simple sofa with a coffee table is not enough, and creative space segmentation is necessary. There are private areas as well as more open social areas, and the comfort and functionality of the furniture are therefore different.

Today, the hotel materials market also features luxurious large-scale green walls, indoor waterfalls, oversized chandeliers, and multimedia equipment stations.

Hotel interior design must reflect on the configuration of hotel rooms

The combination of a bed, a desk, and a wardrobe is no longer a classic and does not provide guests with more warmth. In today's world, guests traveling away from home expect unusual surprises. This is probably why the internal decoration of every hotel must be completely and uniquely different from the others.

Fun TV panels are placed in creatively designed offices tailored for business travelers, and special sofas are placed next to extra-large beds - all are key "elements" that make up a trendy hotel room. We have also seen the use of strong colors and mixed decorations, which definitely satisfy guests' curiosity.

Hotel interior design should have bathrooms like spas

In the past, bathrooms were seen as auxiliary spaces, so the space was often minimized to expand the living area of the hotel room as much as possible. However, modern travelers expect to receive the kind of enjoyment they cannot get at home during their travels.

For those who yearn for a brief luxury vacation, a holiday hotel with a spa-like bathroom is an irresistible invitation. Imagine having a waterfall-style showerhead, a large bathtub, a dual-use sink, large towels, complete beauty products, and plenty of space in a suite. It's so comfortable.