How to Match Decor Crafts?

Modern + Chinese decor craft

Let the home release classical interest. In the overall home style, mixing modern home decor crafts with Chinese-style decor crafts is a common practice. This kind of matching allows different styles of decor crafts to complement each other, which can make the interior space of mixed style release classical taste.

Modern decor craft + Chinese furniture

Release the charm of combining classic and modern. Elegant Chinese-style home is a frequent visitor to the mixed style. After finding a suitable position in the interior space, placing modern decorative paintings on the wall or furniture is also a popular practice.

However, in order to match the texture and texture of Chinese furniture, it is best to use wooden frames for decorative paintings, and the style should be simple.

Modern lighting + Chinese elements decor craft

Make the interior space avant-garde and fashionable. Modern lighting can make the interior space avant-garde and fashionable, while Chinese elements such as Chinese antique shelves, Chinese wooden hangers, etc. give the living space a stable and nostalgic feature. The combination of these two as accessories will become a wonderful embellishment in the mixed style home.

Ethnic decor craft + modern crafts

Show the unique style of interior space. People's love for handicrafts has a long history. Ethnic characteristic crafts have strong personality characteristics, strong decorative properties, and are therefore loved by many homeowners. The combination with modern decor crafts makes the entire mixed style interior home look neat, orderly and beautiful.

The role of decor crafts should not be underestimated. Different tastes can be produced by matching, and ethnic characteristic crafts have more style. Young people can consider mixed style.

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