How to Remove Wall Stickers? Any Methods?

Direct peeling method to remove wall stickers

Step 1:

Choose an inconspicuous corner at the top of the wall and lift the wall sticker with the tip of a craft knife. Note: When removing peelable wall stickers, lift a corner of the sticker and tear it off the wall, keeping your hands as close to the wall as possible to minimize the possibility of tearing the wall sticker.

Step 2:

Grasp one corner of the wall sticker close to the wall and try to peel it off the wall. Peel the wall sticker towards you, which will make it easier to remove.

If it is a peelable wall sticker, it will come off the wall with a smooth and moderate force; otherwise, it may be a non-peelable wall sticker, and you need to use soaking, steam, or dry peeling method.

However, on gypsum board walls, do not use soaking and steaming tearing methods. Water vapor will soften the decorative paper and the gypsum core of the wallboard. At this time, you should use the dry peeling method instead.

Cutting and soaking method to remove wall stickers

Step 1:

Apply water or a wall sticker remover, and wait a few minutes for it to completely soak the wall sticker.

Step 2:

Repeat the same treatment on the next wall sticker, and then return to the first strip of wallpaper and re-soak it from top to bottom.

Step 3:

Use a multi-purpose wall scraper with a movable blade about 8.9cm wide to start tearing down the wall sticker. Start from a cut horizontal wall sticker strip and place the blade under its upper edge. The scraper angle should be 30 degrees to the horizontal plane. Slide the blade to scrape off the wet wall sticker. A strip of wall sticker with the same width as the scraper will fall off with the blade as it moves down.

Step 4:

Continue pushing down until the wall sticker can no longer be peeled off. If the peeled wall sticker strip breaks, you can re-soak that area and start peeling off another strip of wallpaper.

If after repeating the process of soaking and scraping, there are still obvious adhesive traces on the wall, you need to use another method to remove them. On a wall made of gypsum board, cut the wall sticker horizontally with a wall sticker scraper as described above, but do not soak it. Just slowly scrape or tear it off the wall.

Steam method to remove wall stickers

Step 1:

After the water is heated, press the steam board against the wall until the wall sticker near the edge of the steam board darkens due to dampness.

Step 2:

After half the strip of wall sticker is steamed, use your nails or a craft knife to pull up the top corner of this wall sticker and tear it off. If the wall sticker cannot be peeled off, use a wall scraper to scrape it off. You may need to steam the same area two or three times to loosen the adhesive that has been on the back of the wall sticker for a long time.

The above are the best methods for tearing off wall stickers that we have introduced to everyone. You can refer to them for better understandings. When you need to replace wall stickers in the future, you can easily tear them off and replace them with these very effective methods, which can greatly help us achieve a better decorative effect.