The Proper Way to Use Scented Candles Scents

In daily life, scented candles scents are a very interesting item, and many people use them to create a romantic atmosphere. Here are the correct ways to use scented candles scents that we have organized, hoping to help you.

1. The pre-requisite for using scented candles scents is a well-ventilated room. Not to keep the room well ventilated while lighting the aromatic candle, but to ensure that the indoor air is not polluted before lighting the candle, and to ensure that the indoor air has just been ventilated before lighting the candle. Otherwise, imagine if a room full of cigarette smoke is lit with an aromatherapy candle, how would the aroma of aromatherapy and cigarette smell mixed together?

2. When using scented candles scents, keep the indoor airflow stable. Since it is wax and needs to be lit, scented candles scents are susceptible to shaking or flickering due to air flow, so choose a place where there is no violent air flow. This way it can burn more steadily.

3. When scented candles scents are lit, they meet the above two conditions, and after about 10 minutes of lighting, a light scent will slowly rise. Because the scented candles scents made of pure natural soy wax are low-temperature and smoke-free when burning, so you won't see smoke. The wax core doesn't have to be trimmed when burning, nor will impurities be produced - extremely convenient.

Generally speaking, the burning time is about 20 to 40 minutes, and the room will be filled with a fresh and fragrant aroma. However, it is best not to burn for more than two hours, otherwise the aroma may be too strong and counterproductive.

4. The lighting method of scented candles scents. Some people think that a drop of essential oil candle can make the whole room fragrant, while others like the grandeur of seven or eight candles. There is no particular restriction. If your room is large enough, then having a few more candles is okay, as long as it is appropriate and not too strict on the form and quantity.

5. Aromatherapy candles of different fragrances should not be lit in the same room at the same time. After lighting one type of aromatherapy candle, if you want to try other types of fragrances, let the air flow in the room and ensure that there is no longer a scent of fragrance in the room before lighting another aromatherapy candle.

6. The important thing is not what fragrance the aromatherapy candle is, but the relaxed mood and pleasant mentality after lighting the aromatherapy candle. Relaxing the mind and body, reducing psychological pressure, is the greatest benefit of lighting scented candles scents.