The Secret Tips for Selecting Wall Decoration Materials

In home decoration, the wall decoration area is relatively large. There are many types of wall decoration materials on the market, and different materials have their own characteristics. The selection of wall decoration materials and wall decoration types is also important, and the decoration effect of suitable materials is different. Therefore, we need to fully understand the types of wall decoration materials and their selection. Let's take a look at the following introduction together.

What are the wall decoration materials?

Diatom mud

Diatom mud is a relatively environmentally friendly material for interior wall decoration. It is mainly made of diatomaceous earth and has the functions of regulating humidity, purifying air, sterilizing and deodorizing. Diatom mud has a fine texture, and when applying it to walls, it is important to choose flat and dry walls to showcase its advantages. However, it is not very stain-resistant, waterproof, or cleanable, so it requires careful maintenance.

Solvent-based interior wall latex paint

This type of interior wall decoration material has volatility and outstanding resistance to pollution, water, and alkali. Although the price is higher than that of ordinary water-soluble coatings, it is easy to construct and has good functions. However, we need to remind everyone that if the base layer is too moist during construction, it will be more prone to blistering and falling off than other interior wall decoration materials.

Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles come in many colors, such as white, gray, and brick red. As an interior wall decoration material, glazed tiles can vary in size, but their thickness is usually between 5mm and 8mm.

When choosing glazed tiles, we can gently tap the surface to see if it has a high density and is a good tile, or check if the surface is flat and not warped.

How to choose wall decoration materials?

Choose a slightly lighter shade of latex paint

When choosing the color, it is important to choose a slightly lighter shade of latex paint than the desired color. Since three coats will be applied to the wall, the color will inevitably be slightly darker.

Different spaces require different latex paints

For example, warm and comfortable warm colors are generally selected for bedroom walls to create a romantic atmosphere, while the colors for living room walls are different. As a public space, living rooms can choose colors that are more atmospheric, neutral, and acceptable to everyone.

Consider the matching of accessories

After the entire wall is painted with latex paint, we need to consider the matching of accessories. Because latex paint is plain and does not have the texture of wallpaper, we need to pay more attention to the accessories in the later stage of decoration.