What Are the Common Methods of Wall Decoration?

If there is a large area of white walls in the home, it is simply a waste. In fact, the vitality of the home depends on whether the soft decoration is good or not. There are many places in life that can increase fun, such as wall decoration. If you don't want to make a big deal of big wall decoration projects, choosing a good wall decoration is actually a good way, everyone wants to make their home unique.

Solid-color wall decoration is actually a way to create a clean home environment, but if you want to be different, you have to start with wall decoration. Decorating a new home is a complex project that requires the use of a variety of materials.

Each decoration material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we need to have a full understanding of various decorations before decoration. Wall decoration is a relatively large item in interior decoration. For example, the simplest paint method can also use different colors such as splicing, so what other useful wall decoration methods are there? Let's take a look together.

1. Wall decoration: stone

If you want to create a European-style residence, you may wish to use stone as a wall decoration material. Stone can be divided into natural stone and artificial stone according to the source. Among the natural facing stones, marble is used for interior wall decoration; artificial decorative panels mainly include artificial marble, prefabricated terrazzo slabs, etc. The walls decorated with stones look elegant. , Magnificent. The decorative effect of stone is very good, but this kind of decorative material is also relatively high in terms of construction technology.

2. Wall decoration: glazed tiles

If you don't like the monotonous and simple wall paint, you might as well use glazed tiles to decorate the wall. Glazed tiles have rich colors and various patterns, which can be suitable for various styles of residences.

In addition, glazed tiles have a smooth surface, beautiful colors, easy to clean, and waterproof. They are used as wall and floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, and can also be used as floor tiles in living rooms and restaurants.

3.Wall decoration: diatom mud

Nowadays, people pay great attention to the environmental protection of the living environment, and diatom mud has become the new favorite of the owners. It is estimated that everyone has heard about diatom mud. It is composed of a pure natural material and does not contain any harmful substances to the human body. Its biggest feature is that it can absorb and decompose harmful gases in the air to purify the air.

4. Wall decoration: stickers

In order to meet people's fast-paced decoration needs, wall stickers have been launched on the market. There are many differences between wall stickers and hand-painted walls. Just peel off the protective film and paste it directly. You can customize different colors and sizes according to your home style. There are special wall stickers for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, corner, living room, etc. These wall stickers can also "guest" each other, and the wall stickers will not fall off within five years.