With Several Soft Skills in Wall Decoration Design, the Texture of the Home is Instantly Improved!

Nowadays, people's aesthetics are constantly improving, and the house is no longer the same white color. Many people choose to decorate the house with colorful colors. The colorful paint and wallpaper and other wall decorations allow us to decorate the home.

1. The color of the wall decoration design determines the style

When decorating the walls of the room, some decorations can be used to embellish them, such as decorative paintings, hangings, wallpapers, wall coverings, paints, etc. As we all know, the color tone determines the overall decorative style, and it is recommended to use warm or light-colored patterns for wall decoration, which will make you feel more open.

2. The wall decoration should echo the space

If the space wall of the interior decorative painting is rectangular, we can choose the more popular simple combined decorative paintings. For the combined decorative paintings, different placement methods and spacing can achieve different effects. The turns of the stairs can follow the steps of the stairs. The trend is placed, and the irregular decorative painting is a good choice.

Of course, some areas can also choose a semi-circle according to the style, and you can also make a fuss on the screen, and the space is also needed.

3. The picture of the wall decoration design is in line with the atmosphere

The selection of interior decorative paintings should also be based on the atmosphere of the room, the pattern and changes of the surrounding environment, combined with the owner's style and preferences, and decorative paintings with different effects of decoration accessories may reflect unexpected artistic conception.

A simple living room style with a strong modern oil painting will make the room full of vitality, and the frameless oil painting is the first choice. For European-style and classical rooms, choose realistic oil paintings, such as portraits, landscapes, etc. It is best to add embossed frames to make them look more magnificent and luxurious.

4. The theme of wall decoration design is coordinated with the area

Choose wall decoration paintings with different themes in different areas, such as calligraphy and painting and landscape paintings in the study, reflecting elegance; hanging scenery flowers in the bedroom, which looks warm; bright and cheerful decorative paintings in the dining room, happy mood; children's room hanging natural scenery or cartoon characters , more lively.

Of course, in order to increase the desire to eat, decorative paintings related to eating such as fruits, flowers and tableware are also good choices. The environment of the children's room is easy to have an impact on children, and modern art paintings or impressionist paintings are good choices.

5. You should know what you like for wall decoration

The home is your own, and the decoration is of course according to your own wishes. Your own personality can be magnified in this private space, which not only makes the space full of personal characteristics, but also makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Indoor wall decoration paintings can beautify the home environment, thus bringing a different feeling. Therefore, the process of purchasing is very important, and suitable decorative paintings can add the style of the room and add the finishing touch to the room.