10 Wall Decoration Ideas to Easily Refresh Your Home

Homes that have been lived for a long time are increasingly lacking in freshness, and a reborn change is made by decorating the walls. Next, we will take you to take a look at 10 ideas for wall decoration and see what kind of inspiration they can bring you.

1. Wall decoration mirror

Instead of paintings and posters on the wall, a few small mirrors can be hung in a frame of any kind of material, such as wood. The shape and size of the mirror can vary.

2. Wall decoration plate

Instead of cluttering up your kitchen with cabinets, leave a wall and collect some plates for free.

They can come in different sizes and colors, with large trims or small, it's all up to your imagination. Such a colorful wall will never go unnoticed.

3. Wall decoration carpet

The jute rug in the hallway may also migrate to the bedroom wall. An original decor like this will add coziness to the room and is also a great way to accentuate the headboard.

4. Wall decoration lights

We recommend not only thinking of decorative lights for the holidays. A great place for this type of decor is the wall above the bed to easily get a comfortable sleeping place that makes it easy to forget about stress.

If you want to hang lights in the kitchen, you can decorate the sideboard with garlands, or use carnations to attach light bulbs to the wall.

5. Wall decoration straw hat

Be sure to bring a wide-brimmed hat as a souvenir next time you go to Hot Land. Preferably not one, but several.

When you get back, hang your hats on the bedroom wall, they will remind you to relax and evoke positive emotions. A great alternative to boring posters and framed photos.

6. Wall decoration shelf + mirror

To save space in the hallway, the lockers can be replaced with narrow shelves for easy storage of keys, figurines, candles, vases and favorite gadgets. It is recommended to hang a large area mirror directly above the hall.

7. Wall decoration wicker basket

Wicker picnic baskets, fruit bowls and beach bags, often used in the summer, can serve as original elements of decor throughout the year. They look especially impressive against the backdrop of white walls.

Wicker baskets can be stored in the bedroom. In the hallway, these summer accessories (if you have a spacious dressing room) will create a festive atmosphere and remind you of summer.

8. Wall decoration green plants

Green walls are the current decorating trend.

You have many options: herbarium on the wall (open or under glass), a variety of hanging tubs, plant pots and specially shaped plant pots, as well as complex engineered structures with integrated irrigation systems.

9. Wall decoration fabrics

Manual labor never goes out of style. Decorative objects created using the knot weaving technique look practical in the design of a living room or bedroom. One product or a combination of products can be used on one wall.

10. Wall decoration wooden frame

The basis of the original wall decoration can be the most common bed rail on which the mattress sits. Hooks and clips can be easily attached to wooden beams for a variety of household items. Lamps and sections for magazines and newspapers can also be hung here.

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