Four Creative Designs of Wall Decoration That Will Surprise You!

Are you always felt the wall design is too monotonous? Still just change the color or change the wallpaper pattern, there is no new idea? What else can you do with wall decoration? You will never think of doing this.

Don't overlook the beauty of tiles as wall decoration

Most people's impression of tiles is either on the floor or in the bathroom, but do you know that using tiles on interior walls can also create a different kind of beauty?

Nowadays, tiles come in a variety of colors and varieties, so it's recommended that you make good use of the special materials or lines of tiles to create unique views on your walls. Tiles also have the characteristics of dirt resistance, easy cleaning, and can save you cleaning time.

Wood veneer is a warm and designed wall decoration

In modern life, wood veneer is used more and more because it can give people a natural and pure feeling, and its warm texture reflects the quality of the space. The rustic wood grain creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, and through the sunlight, you can feel the power of nature.

Using wood veneer to decorate TV walls and sofa walls is a common design technique, and large areas of wood grain can make the space very flavorful.This wall decorationis often used in modern, minimalist, Nordic and other design styles. Wood veneer can also replace wall panels to play a certain role in protecting the walls.

Wood veneer with natural marble creates a natural and comfortable yet stylish home atmosphere. Using wood veneer to decorate the space transition is more natural and layered, beautiful and elegant. Light wood veneer, Japanese style standard, highlights the warmth and brightness of the entire space.

Open-shaped storage as wall decoration

Turning the cabinets that would normally be against the wall into open storage cabinets not only increases the storage area, but also showcases your collections or books, making your home more unique. An open storage cabinet can also increase the lines of a wall, making it new and unique.

Minimalist lines can not only achieve the effect of storage, but also have a variety of shapes to choose from.

Different from heavy closed custom cabinets, open-shaped storage aswall decorationis more transparent and easy to match, making the wall use like the ground, and gaining more living space. Using a storage board to form a shape can not only store items but also create a different shape.

Mirrors are undoubtedly a blessing for small spaces as wall decoration

Mirrors have always been good friends of space, but generally only used in the dressing room or bathroom to enlarge the space. In fact, setting up mirrors on different walls can not only expand the sense of space, but also reflect light into the room, extending the lighting and making the space wider and brighter. The mirror frame design is just right for decoration, and the image in the mirror is like a painting hung on the wall, beautiful and functional.

Wall decorationmirrors can extend the depth of the space, relieve the sense of oppression brought by small spaces. Mirrors have a transparency that other materials cannot replace. When used as a background wall, they not only have a modern feel but also enhance the vertical effect.

Adding mirrors to the limited light area can maximize the introduction of natural light, making the entire space comfortable with natural light. The mirror can directly reflect and transmit light, giving people the illusion of"the room is so big".