How About a Mosaic Tile?

1. Decor mosaic tiles are the materials of laying toilet wall and ground. As early as the early 1980s, it began to be used. Today, the mosaic floor tile is making a comeback. The colorful mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative arts. It is a pattern created using small tiles or pieces of pottery. In contemporary, mosaic is a kind that belongs to floor tile, it becomes the darling of adornment material afresh, get the favour of family of avant-garde, vogue.

2. Decor mosaic tile is a special way of existence brick, generally by dozens of small bricks to form a relatively large brick. It has the characteristics of small and exquisite, colorful. Mosaic because the volume is smaller, can make a few jigsaw puzzle, produce gradual change effect.

3. Decor Mosaic tiles have the advantages of environmental protection, strong decoration, long service life, safety and personalization.

4. There are too many gaps of decor mosaic tiles, which are dirty and difficult to clean.

5. Decorative mosaic tiles can not only play the role of decoration also have the role of enlarging the space. Does small toilet decorate with mosaic ceramic tile? Ceramic mosaic and metal mosaic are most applicable to the decoration of the space that defend bath, with past ancient greece period what use gallows to differ is the adornment that is no longer fine and broken but the glazed face change that uses its exquisite unsurpassed will highlight the integral atmosphere of the space.

6. Aluminum plastic plate decoration mosaic tile (aluminum plastic particles + sponge glue) : aluminum plastic plate color is rich, surface technology has drawing, flash, picture, mirror, stone grain, wood grain and other kinds of; particle surface with resin layer protection, color gloss is consistent; particles and sponge back glue paste directly, the project is simple, direct paste, no need to brush mud caulking.

7. Stainless steel decor Mosaic tile (stainless steel sheet + ceramic particles at the bottom + back mesh) : stainless steel plate cost is low, the product price is low; Wear resistant, can be ground decoration. Single color, mostly gold and silver, surface technology only drawing, mirror; The surface is still easy to oxidize and dim color, inferior people have rust spots. Stainless steel skin, ceramic particles, back mesh three paste, particles easy to peel, heavy, installation need to brush mud caulking.

8. Crystal glass decor Mosaic tile: beautiful, a single glass Mosaic on the back should be serrated or ladder groove, such shop paste will be more firm. The pasting agent used in addition to ensure pasting strength, but also should be easy to scrub from the glass Mosaic, the pasting agent can not damage the back paper or glass Mosaic color.

9. Decor Mosaic tiles are radiation-proof, high temperature resistant and non-absorbent. It has the advantages of soft tone, simple, elegant, beautiful and generous, chemical stability, good cold and heat stability and so on. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, water resistance, acid resistance should meet the national standards. Including crystal glass Mosaic, Venus glass Mosaic, pearl light glass Mosaic, cloud glass Mosaic, metal Mosaic and other series.

10. It is easier to change decor mosaic tiles for personalized decoration, compact figure, variable specifications, rich color, follow one's inclinations collocation can play to the pole of incisively and vividly for crystal glass Mosaic, and it can mix shop with other types of Mosaic, If and MAGIC color (pearl light) glass Mosaic, star line glass Mosaic, cloud glass Mosaic and other combinations mix.

It is because it has too much too much combination, so can according to the originality of the designer to satisfy their respective style and personality and all the ideas that love, let the satisfaction of the heart arise spontaneously.