The Benefits And Role Of Plant Grow Bags

Planting bags are also known as tree planting bags, and beauty planting bags. Using planting bags to cultivate various seedling products has low cost, high efficiency, sturdiness, strong permeability, water saving, moisturizing and fertilizer preservation, good heat preservation, and making trees grow green; it is not affected by seasonal climate (especially for the drought and less rainfall in the north and Planting in desert areas has a higher survival rate and more obvious effect than planting in the usual environment); at the same time, seedling products are transplanted throughout the year with complete root system and high transplant survival rate, which can achieve the advantages of expected growth of seedlings!

The Benefits Of Plant Grow Bags

①The soil ball is very firm and stable.

Because the planting bag retains enough roots, the soil ball is smaller than ordinary ones, and the soil ball is not easy to loosen when the plant is transplanted, especially for plants that grow on sandy soil for a long time, the effect is more obvious.

②The roots of plants are not easy to grow outside.

Because the felt non-woven planting bag is made of strong polypropylene material, the strength is high, which can effectively prevent the plant roots from growing out and wrapping around, and also the benign growth of the roots, so the probability of root packing is greatly reduced.

③Transplantation is convenient and suitable for all seasons.

The roots of plants grown in non-woven planting bags will not penetrate down, and a small part of the fibrous roots on the side can be easily cut off with a cutting tool and then transplanted. Since 90% of the roots of the plant grow in the planting bag for a long time, they will not be affected by the outside world at all, so it is suitable for transplanting in different seasons.

④The success rate and quality of transplantation have been improved.

The traditional transplanting method causes great damage to the roots of the plants, and even more than 90% of the parts need to be removed. However, the non-woven planting bag greatly reduces the damage in this regard, so that the plant is as intact as possible when transplanted, and there is no need to prune the plant too much, which greatly improves the survival rate and quality.

⑤ Reduce the cost of cultivation.

Compared with ordinary planting containers, non-woven planting bags can save a lot of costs for seedling farmers, such as potting soil and fertilization measures.

The later transplantation and maintenance are also very easy to handle, and most people can use ordinary methods to complete.

How Do Plant Grow Bags Work?

①Special polypropylene material: It can cause natural root cutting effect, and the transplanting effect is high. After planting, the root system stretches out. Because the material has good air permeability, the plant root system will not penetrate the surface of the bag after contacting this unique material, but will form a new root system in the bag due to the root cutting effect of the air, thereby promoting the growth of plants in the bag. A lot of fibrous roots are produced instead of a few main roots coiling around the medium, which is the effect of natural root cutting.

②The plant grows as fast as it is planted in the field. It is beyond the reach of other container cultivation methods. After planting, the root system can still expand outwards without forming root packing, and water and nutrients can still be absorbed normally by the fine roots outside the bag. The xylem in the center of the root is transported upward, which is the same as planting in the field, which is inferior to other container cultivation.

③Moisture penetrates freely and will not accumulate water. The special material of the planting bag enables the free penetration of water and nutrients, and there will be no water accumulation in the bag to cause root rot.

④The transplant cost is low and the transplant season is long. Because there is no need for skilled workers to remove roots and transplant, ordinary workers can transplant, and the transplant is easy and convenient, and the cost is low. Since the soil ball is about 25% less than the soil ball for traditional tree planting, the transportation cost can be greatly reduced. After harvesting, the original planting bag It can be used as a packaging soil ball container, the soil ball is kept intact, and the transplant survival rate is high, and no additional packaging is required to reduce the cost.

⑤Carbohydrates accumulate in the bag, and the growth will resume quickly after transplantation.

Since the root has been peeled in a ring shape, the carbohydrates produced by the leaves are transported from the phloem to the root, but cannot be sent out of the bag, and the carbohydrate nutrients accumulate in the root of the bag to form a tumor. Growth is restored, and the survival rate and quality of transplants are greatly improved.