What are the Functions and Effects of Smart Table Lamps?

With the development of the times, more and more smart products have entered our field of vision. Smart table lamp is one of them, and many people want to know its functions and effects. Today, we will introduce them to everyone.

The smart table lamp function: close-range reading and writing control

When your head is lower than the specified distance (about 25-30 centimeters), the table lamp immediately reminds you: your sitting position is not correct, straighten up.

If you don't raise your head immediately, the table lamp automatically turns off. When you sit up straight and raise your head, the light will turn on again. This ensures that students always maintain good sitting habits and eliminates myopia in its infancy.

The smart table lamp function: insufficient light control

During the learning process, if the light gradually becomes dim or does not meet the requirements for reading and learning, the table lamp will automatically remind you: the light is not good enough, turn it on. Eyes are very important.

Then the light turns on immediately to ensure normal light and avoid visual fatigue, which effectively prevents myopia.

The smart table lamp function: eye fatigue control

This product can automatically record the total learning time of the learner through the microcomputer chip. When you have continuously studied for 45 minutes, the table lamp will automatically remind you: you are doing a great job, keep it up and take a 5-minute break.

Then the light will be turned off for 5 minutes, allowing you to relax and avoid overuse of your eyes, which affects vision. This improves learning efficiency and memory. After 5 minutes, the light will automatically turn on again.

The smart table lamp function: health care for eyes and brain

The quality of light is high. As there is no ultraviolet light and infrared light in the spectrum, it will not have negative effects on the eyes. Low voltage DC power supply is used, which has no electromagnetic radiation, no flicker, no glare, large irradiation area, and uniform brightness, resulting in good visual effects.

This is the healthiest, most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and eye-protective high-tech product of the 21st century.

The smart table lamp function: wireless remote control

The smart lamp can achieve wireless remote control, timing control, and remote control distance is greater than 50 meters, and can penetrate walls and floors. The touch screen has a normal service life of more than 300,000 times. Scene control. With just a gentle click of the remote control, you can sit on the sofa and control all the lamps in your home and adjust the brightness at will, setting scenes for gatherings, dining, audio and visual, leisure, and entertainment as you wish. To experience the convenience and versatility of smart table lamps, look no further than our trusted table light factory. With wireless remote control, extensive remote control distance, and wall-penetrating capabilities, our lamps from the wall decoration manufacturer will enhance your home with scene control and effortless adjustment of brightness, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

These are the introductions of the relevant content of smart table lamps. We hope it will be helpful to everyone.