What Kind of Wall Decoration is More Interesting?

Although the big white wall makes the home look white and bright, large-scale use will inevitably make people feel monotonous. Therefore, the necessary decoration for the wall is still necessary, so as to make our home more delicate and beautiful. Now, we will introduce some wall decoration skills for you, so that you can build a beautiful wall.

1. Wall decoration: painted colored walls

Wall painting is generally divided into monochrome and color matching. Monochrome walls can give people a neat and orderly feeling, especially suitable for creating a good atmosphere in the home. Different colors give people a very different feeling; Color matching can create a lively temperament for the room, but it must be matched reasonably. If the two colors are incompatible, it will be ruined.

2. Wall decoration: wallpaper

There are many types and colors of wallpapers, and they are relatively high in terms of cost and environmental protection. They will show great differences in different spaces. For example, use wallpaper in the living room and choose bright and lively styles to create a warm and comfortable living room effect. 

3. Wall decoration: panel

There are various styles of clapboards, mainly including these types: flat type, molding type, half-wall type, and hollow type. You can choose according to your own preferences.

4. Wall decoration: hanging ornaments

For wall decoration, you can choose some small accessories to complete the decoration, such as hanging pictures and photos, which can be used as decorations, which are very beautiful.

5. Wall decoration: storage cabinet

If the house is relatively small, you might as well make the walls into storage places. Storage cabinets, shelf boards, and hole walls are beautiful in appearance and convenient for storage, which can be of great help to our lives.

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