What Material Is Used to Make Table Lamps?

Generally speaking, there are various materials for table lamps, including crystal, glass, plastic, bamboo, corrugated paper, buried light, fabric light, marble light, ceramic light, and wrought iron light.

Table Lamp Material: Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal table lamps have evolved from simple lighting fixtures for household local illumination to decorative lighting fixtures with both lighting and decorative functions. The brilliance of a sparkling crystal table lamp depends on the small crystals. The more sharp-cut surfaces and smooth, radiant surfaces a crystal table lamp has, the higher the refractive index of the crystal will be and the better the light emitting effect will be.

Table Lamp Material: Glass Table Lamp

Glass table lamps do not contain harmful substances such as lead, and their shells can be recycled without damaging the environment. Glass table lamps are recognized as the green lighting fixtures of the 21st century, and they do not produce noise, making them a great choice for the use of precision electronic instruments.

Table Lamp Material: Plastic Table Lamp

Plastic table lamps are a type of lamp that is mainly placed on desks or dining tables for lighting purposes. The bright and concentrated lighting range of a table lamp does not affect the lighting of the entire room, and its function is limited to the area around the table lamp, making it suitable for reading, studying, working, and saving energy.

Table Lamp Material: Bamboo Table Lamp

The small table lamp woven from bamboo preserves traditional weaving skills and modern lighting fixture design. Its unique shape, sturdiness, and durability are in close contact with nature, decorating thousands of households with light. Its LED light source generates an adequate brightness and is very suitable as a bedside lamp or night light.

Table Lamp Material: Corrugated Paper Table Lamp

Corrugated paper table lamps are easy to install, and LED corrugated lamps can be widely used in ancient buildings mainly because of their unique shape, which perfectly matches with tiles, giving LED corrugated lamps a great advantage in installation.

Table Lamp Material: Buried Light

With its small size, low power consumption, and long service life, buried lights are robust and durable, with low power consumption, long service life, easy installation, and elegant and chic shapes, and are waterproof and anti-leakage.

Table Lamp Material: Fabric Light

The light of the fabric lampshade is soft and does not harm the eyes. Since it is made of fabric, we can change its light transmission and color based on the thickness, color, and even the coating of the fabric. It has a good protective effect on the eyes.

Table Lamp Material: Marble Light

Marble lamps have characteristics such as non-deformation, fire resistance and aging resistance, radiation resistance, oil resistance, dirt resistance, corrosion resistance, and can be easily bent according to needs, seamlessly glued, conveniently installed, and not easily broken. It is a green and environmentally-friendly building material.

Table Lamp Material: Ceramic Light

Ceramic heating lamps reduce heat accumulation and carbonization inside the device, with a service life of up to 10,000 hours, which is more than twice that of similar products. Its waterproof design is suitable for high humidity environments.

Table Lamp Material: Wrought Iron Light

The lampshade of the wrought iron lamp is mostly drawn by hand, with warm tones dominating, so that it can give off a warm and soft light and highlight the elegance and romance of European home decoration.