How Are Wall Stickers Applied to Walls?

The benefits of wall stickers include being able to do it yourself without relying on others to get it done. However, even simple wall stickers require some skill, otherwise it would be a shame to have a favorite pattern that wasn't stuck properly. Below we will introduce the use of wall stickers. Let's learn together.

Before sticking wall stickers, prepare some necessary tools, such as scissors, small knives, cards, and bank cards. We should use scissors to cut off the extra blank space around the pattern, which makes it easier to paste;

Stick the wall sticker transfer film on the pattern, and use a card or bank card to repeatedly scratch back and forth on the transfer film so that these two parts can stick together better. When sticking to the wall, bubbles will not appear;

Gently tear off the base paper of the wall sticker pattern and the transfer film with the pattern attached. If there are places on the transfer film that have not adhered to the pattern, we can use a small knife to assist. When pasting a large area of the pattern, we can first turn the pattern upside down and tear off the transfer film and the pattern base paper;

Use the trimmed edge material of the wall sticker transfer film that we just cut to test the performance of the wall corner. If the wall surface falls off powder or peels off the wall paint together when tearing off the transfer film, we need to process it first and then paste it;

When sticking the wall sticker pattern, first stick a corner of the transfer film on the wall, then slowly stick the transfer film with the pattern on the wall in a downward direction, and then use a card to repeatedly stroke the transfer film in the middle of the pattern to the surrounding directions, making the wall sticker stick to the wall better;

When we tear off the wall sticker transfer film on the wall, the action should be as slow as possible. We can tear off the transfer film while pressing the pattern, and be sure not to tear off the pattern together.

After everything is done, we can sit down and enjoy the wall stickers we have stuck by ourselves.

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